YES! Welcome to an eclectic artist brand of unique and one of a kind home accessories, and other goodies. All the art and design you see here has been created by mixed media fine artist Cristine Joy Cambrea AKA C.Cambrea. After many years of working as a mixed media fine artist Cristine ventured into the world of product and surface pattern design to create this inspiring esthetic.

The mission of  Sincerely Joy  is to share 

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“Over the past few years I have explored many mediums to share my work through. I’ve always wanted to see my art on the things we use everyday. I remember fantasizing about shower curtains and how I wanted to shower while being surrounded by the creatures and the little worlds I create. I had been licensing my art for awhile and took a year off to learn and create my own line of home decor called BOSANC short for Bohemian Sanctuary. This limited edition high end collection is available HERE exclusively through my Sincerely Joy brand. Only a limited run of these pillows and blankets were made. Most of the products have shag on one side and art on the other, adorned with tassels, wood beads, and metal rings. You still have a chance to own a piece of C.Cambrea art history! After working on that project for over a year and learning the ins and outs of surface pattern design and manufacturing I decided I wanted to see more of my art on more products. So I partnered with a manufacturer to create home decor products that are made as they are ordered and then drop shipped to my customers. This has enabled me to create many many products without having to worry about warehousing inventory, shipping, and the rest of the issues of mass producing. Believe me there are many! SO each and every order is custom made just for you. Designed, printed, cut, and sewn in the USA!

Check out the April 2017 issue of Haute Handbags and the 2 page spread on my tote bags HERE 🙌 

As well as working on the art, designing the patterns, and creating the SJ brand to house it all, I have also been illustrating a children’s book called “Strawberry Beach” written by Ken Block from the band Sister Hazel. The book will be released some time in 2017. Each page was also hand lettered. Yes, I’m a lil OCD I know. Font coming soon 😉 Two limited edition prints can be found HERE. You can read about the making of “Strawberry Beach” on my www.ccambrea artist site.
PS- See some sneak peaks HERE!

All of my available original art can also be found here. I’m usually low on original art inventory as they move fairly quickly. See below how you can stay connected and be notified when new available originals are posted.

Use the search field on any page to find what you are looking for. If you like an art design type it’s name into the search field and you’ll get a list of available products it lives on.

There’s more exciting things in the works and I look forward to sharing. To keep up with the latest news and projects subscribe below where it says “STAY CONNECTED” and subscribe to the newsletter HERE for behind the scenes, works in progress, promotions, art auctions, and artist specific news unrelated to the SJ brand.

From the bottom of my heart- Thank you so much to my long time loyal customers and new friends for all your support of my art. Realizing my dreams as a full time artist would not be possible without your continued support of my work.”

–  Cristine ✌️


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